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Impediments to Disclosures and Acknowledgments

Concerns over legal entanglements with the University of New Mexico has led Dr. Shield Wallace, responsible for helping to resolve some of the structural controversies, to request that he not be identified. UNM has been asked to approve his acknowledgment so that proper credit can be given to both UNM and Dr. Wallace. UNM has not replied to this request for many months, so it is assumed that they are either ambivalent about Dr. Wallace's acknowledgment or that they intend to deprive Dr. Wallace of appropriate credit just as they are attempting to deprive the inventors of proper credit for the vitaletheine modulator inventions. For example, a high ranking official at UNM claims that no plagiarism occurred when the licensee took confidential results from Dr. Knight for experiments conducted by Drs. Ron Watson and James Wang and others at the University of Arizona, and included them in a grant application with no acknowledgments of the sources of the data. It is interesting that this official at UNM contradicted UNM's own committee set up to investigate the plagiarism of data by the licensee; this committee concluded that plagiarism of data had indeed occurred, but that no further action by UNM was necessary since Dr. Knight had been "laid off" and was no longer an employee of UNM. When brought to the licensee's attention, he refused to retract or modify the grant applications, indicating malicious intent to plagiarize.

The information provided by Dr. Wallace was previously published on this site since, under the circumstances, it would be unconscionable to allow this definitive information to languish while other's are aggressively attempting to undercut the validity of this technology with inaccurate and fraudulent information. Although there are still disagreements about the conclusions drawn by Dr. Wallace, since he departed from the established procedures for each of his synthetic attempts to make the vitaletheine modulators, his efforts are gratefully acknowledged at this time.

It is noteworthy, however, that Dr. Wallace and UNM apparently have chosen to ignore the elemental analysis and mass spectra of the authentic compounds that confirm the identities of the sulfenyl-linked benzyl derivative and of vitaletheine V4, even though the elemental analysis of Dr. Wallace's own experimental attempts to make the vitaletheine modulators reportedly was inconclusive. His results reportedly were consistent with neither, the rather good results obtained by the inventors for the authentic compounds nor the alleged sulfonate structural assignments touted by those not following the established protocols for making the authentic compounds. Others have reported that the synthesis of the sulfenate-linked benzyl derivative was easy, presumably when the inventors' protocols are followed carefully.

Some of the problems Dr. Wallace encountered in making the authentic compounds are thought to have resulted from his use of anhydrous conditions, unlike the authentic procedures, and from his protracted exposure of one of his synthetic products, which initially might have been vitaletheine V4, to sunlight streaming through a window in his laboratory. His reported evolution of a gas from his sample upon irradiation, that blew the lid off of his NMR sample, may have resulted from either photolysis of the anhydrous carbamate/carbonimidate bond, thereby releasing carbon dioxide gas, or from the presumably less likely generation of iodine from sulfenyl iodides or iodoamines not properly converted during aqueous organic extraction just prior to the polymerization to vitaletheine V4 with UV light. To obtain stable vitaletheine V4, all iodine that can be extracted, as indicated by ultraviolet absorption bands in regular samples of the material, must be completely removed before the polymerization step. Finally, it is noteworthy that ZnO, used to stabilize the carbamate/carbonimidic moiety in vitaletheine V4 (and to prevent too much exposure of skin to the ultraviolet rays of sunlight), is known to sublime, even at normal pressure.

Regardless of the explanations for Dr. Wallace's differing conclusions, the apparent decomposition in his attempt to make and characterize vitaletheine V4 probably resulted from Dr. Wallace's mishandling of the synthetic product. Note that Dr. Wallace's attempts to make the free carbamate/carbonimidate containing vitalethine apparently also failed under anhydrous conditions not used in the authentic procedures. Prior to its decomposition his sample had some of the proton NMR characteristics expected for vitaletheine V4. His latest contention, that the pressure build-up in the NMR tube was the result of solvent evaporation, seems unlikely since the sample reportedly was in anhydrous dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO), the boiling point of which is 189°C. Indeed, for anhydrous DMSO alone to develop such pressures, the sample would have had to have been subjected to far more heat than would have been required to destroy the vitaletheine V4 in his preparation. Ammonium and other carbamates are known to decompose at temperatures well below 100°C, even when stabilized with zinc counterions.

There seems to be continued resistance on the part of UNM and the current licensee to allow the inventors to monitor the synthetic protocols to ensure that there are no departures from the established procedures. Furthermore, simply integrating coupled spectra of the authentic samples would do away with the need for a lot of "hand-waving" with programs for estimating theoretical spectra, but those individuals who are alleging other structural identities are not following the established protocols and either have not done the critical experiments or do not wish to make the definitive experiments known.

Any blatant falsification and misrepresentation of fact concerning the vitaletheine modulator technology, especially by those attempting to defraud the American taxpayer out of research results for which they have already paid, is being reported to the appropriate authorities.


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