Copyright © 1996, 1997, 2001 by Galen Daryl Knight and VitaleTherapeutics, Inc.

Acknowledgments and Conclusions

For reasons that are not entirely clear, mice for Dr. Knight's long-term follow-up of results reported in Cancer Research were maintained at the University of New Mexico, School of Medicine, on Minority Biomedical Research Support Grant #S06GM08139. Rechallenge of mice responding to therapies in these studies was planned, but the "lay-off" of Dr. Knight and Marilyn Fore (soon after it was discovered that they were obtaining 90% initial efficacy in the treatment of uniformly fatal melanoma) made execution of these control experiments impossible. To some extent these controls were made unnecessary by the recurrence of tumors grossly resembling melanoma in some of the aged mice just before death. These relapses i) suggest a general failure of immunological surveillance for the tumor in a few of the effectively-treated mice after prolonged, and sometimes lifelong, disease-free intervals, and ii) are consistent with other indications of immunological mechanisms for the tumor-negating activities of the vitaletheine modulators. There are very strong indications that boosters may prolong the disease-free interval in the up to 90% of mice that respond initially. Also, refinements to these unoptimized regimens and adjunct therapies are being developed to close the remaining gap in unresponding animals.


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