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Three separate samplings and analyses of PermaGuard's Diatomaceous earth, compared with another brand available on the market for human consumption, indicates that the PermaGuard material has significantly fewer toxic minerals. These analyses were performed by extracting the diatomaceous earth with concentrated sulfuric or nitric acid for extended periods of time and analyzing the acidic extracts. The elements so removed are considered to be at far higher concentrations than the level of toxins that could be extracted by the much more dilute acid found in our stomachs. Note that only the aluminum in PermaGuard exceeds that of Brand X.

This amount of aluminum is of minimal concern for several reasons. First, the amounts determined are only a small fraction of the aluminum that one normally encounters in ones diet. Secondly, concerns about aluminum in antiperspirants seems to be secondary to poisonings with other metals such as nickel. In the authors case, DEtoxing to remove nickel poisoning caused his "allergies to antiperspirants" to go away. Thus, antiperspirants probably prevent the lymphatics and sweat glands from getting rid of metals and other toxins, essentially bottling these up inside of our skin and bodies.

The author also noted an increase in aluminum in his hair analysis while DEtoxing with PermaGuard's product. It is thought that since nickel ions are slightly larger than magnesium ions and aluminum ions are slightly smaller, that nickel and aluminum may have been deposited in his bones instead of magnesium. Stress fractures and tears in the articulation of tendons and ligaments with his bones could have accounted for the arthritic-like pains the author was experiencing. As the nickel was pulled out during the DEtox, it is thought that magnesium was then able to displace the aluminum, and the author has noted a continuing improvement in the strength and function of his joints as the aluminum seems to be dumping out of his system in his hair analysis. His knees do not even pop anymore, even when doing deep knee squats and holding a 150 to 200 lb. person in his arms (NOT RECOMMEND).

Further analysis of the Perma-Guard's product  in a MALDI mass spectrometer with...


....and without matrix.....

DE Neat

....and with the DiHydroxyBenzoic (DHB) acid matrix, but without diatomaceous earth.....

DHB Blank that there are virtually none of the potential toxins identified supra available on the surface of this particular diatomaceous earth, the UV laser being unable to blast anything loose from the surface. This means that the diatomaceous earth surface coming in contact with the body is extremely clean, even lowering the background in the mass spectrometer in many instances.


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